e-machine modems

Troy Engel tengel at sonic.net
Sat Dec 2 10:10:20 PST 2000

lynn sears wrote:
> windoz uses com2 so I've been using /dev/ttyS1.  Any help would be
> great.  thanks in advance

First, make sure the symlink /dev/modem points to /dev/ttyS1. Then, su
to root and fire up "minicom -s", walking through the settings (most
important the Serial Port one).  Once setup and you're in minicom, run
"AT&V" to have the modem display it's config.

If that works, then try a simple ATDT5221001 (or whatever your dialup
number is), and see if you can get a plain jane connect out of it.  If
you can, then your problems are PPP specific.

BTW - emachines makes many configurations of the hardware -- the super
cheap one I bought a while back has a "normal" modem and a regulat ATI
video card.  The next model up had a WinModem and one of thos weird
"shared video ram" thingies.  So, YMMV.


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