e-machine modems

lynn sears lynn at itsquick.com
Sat Dec 2 07:46:07 PST 2000

Hello, does anyone know if the modems that come with current e-machines
work with linux?? I've used kppp, the control panel and linuxconf to config 
this modem
and can not get it to go--I'm sure most or all of the problem is operator 
error but I understand
some modems don't work with linux--so called win modems.  there is no 
documentation on the
modem in the e-machine altho it works fine with vindoze.  I keep getting 
errors like modem is
busy or modem doesn't respond . Are there some files I can edit that 
directly set up a modem???
windoz uses com2 so I've been using /dev/ttyS1.  Any help would be 
great.  thanks in advance

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