mitch utsey mutsey at
Sun Jan 30 20:34:14 PST 2000

Howdy all!

	When will be the next Installfest? The Dec alpha my buddy gave me is on
the way (as is the complete set of Redhat for the Alpha) and I am really
looking forward to playing with it. I figured others might be interested
in playing with it too. The Alpha is a 150 mhz is Jensen, so it will be
a REAL adventure...

-Mitch Utsey

"It astonishes me to find... [that so many] of our
 countrymen... should be contented to live under a
 system which leaves to their governors the power 
 of taking from them the trial by jury in civil cases,
 freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom
 of commerce, the habeas corpus laws, and of yoking
 them with a standing army. This is a degeneracy in 
 the principles of liberty... which I [would not have
     expected for at least] four centuries."
 --Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1788. (*) FE 5:3

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