more dsl log questions

E Frank Ball frankb at
Sun Jan 30 20:28:23 PST 2000

I get this in my log file once an hour:

Jan 30 19:01:10 zouave icmplogd: destination unreachable from localhost

I know what tcp and udp are, but what's icmp?  And does anybody have a
clue what this is about.  /etc/cron.hourly is empty.

I've gotten a handful of connection attempts in my DSL logs on port 80
(http), and the some port 113 (ident) attempts from the Cambridge
computer science lab this weekend, but otherwise the logs have been
quiet.  The log file isn't as wild and wooley as some people portray the
internet to be.

Also does anyone know of any vulnerabilities of port 37 (time tcp) or
port 515 (printer).

   E Frank Ball   frankb at

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