Deja Vu all over again

John F. Kohler jkohler2 at
Sat Mar 31 22:30:00 PST 2001

ME wrote:

> (In this message, I have taken to chopping a lot of the lower stuff off to
> make messages shorter)
> On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, John F. Kohler wrote:
> > With Linux 6.2 on the old box with another NIC the router and CAT-5
> > cable to it worked fine. Now, I may justifiably be accused of changing
> > too many elements in this mix.
> > 1)  RH 6.2 to RH 7.0
> > 2)Pentium 200 machine to AMD k-6 machine
> > 3) a new ethernet NIC in the new computer.
> > I plead guilty.  It is probably better to change **one** item at a time in a complex
> > system to see if something changes, not **three**
> Changing all of the above should not be a problem, except the ethernet
> card. It is the only element that is questionable in my opinion. One
> sample test might be to remove the present ethernet card, install the old
> one and then re-install redhat.

I did re-install the old NIC but tried to run it on the current installation
of redhat.

I returned the "new" NIC to the current installation..

> Even if it would work (I am expecting it would) you still would not know
> where the problem with the old card was:
> 1) Physical connection, or physical property of the new card
> 2) How the linux kernel modules or interface is trying to talk to it.
> I lean towards item 1, but only a little bit more than item 2.
> > 2) The Linux fails with which ever cable and router port it is using.
> > ....Wait a minute!  After a whole bunch of "Destination Host Unreachable" with the linux box on
> > its "old" cable and port, it just started working!   We have an intermittent
> > problem here...somewhere....
> OK, let us assume for now that the connections from the plug to the socket
> in the card are not perfect but intermittant... Start a continuous ping
> session to the router. Let it continue to run. After you have abot a page
> of successful pings (assuming it is still working) strat wiggling the
> cable connected to the card. Shift around the jack in the receptical. Note
> if any of these has an effect on the pings not going through.
> The Ethernet cables you are using:
> Are these from Apple computers?

Not from Apple

> Home made? Yes.


> from a reputable source?

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