disk partitioning question

Lorie Obal lobal at cds1.net
Sat Mar 31 22:22:00 PST 2001

I just got back to my project of trying to get Linux to coexist on my Dell
laptop with the "evil OS 2000". I find my current scheme for "the other
OS" isn't big enough and the Linux 6.2 install crapped out anyway (LILO
won't come up at end of install.

I currently have a 12 GB HD (well, actually reading 11.24 according to
disk management) allocated as:

	2.93 GB FAT32
	102 MB   LINUX |
	133 MB	       |	
	1.95 GB	       |			
	1004 MB	       V		
	502 MB
	1004 MB
	1.46 GB
	2.21 GB (unallocated - not sure how  that happended)

	RAM is 128 MB.

I figure I'll need a total (about) of 6 gigs for non-Linux. OK, now for
the burning questions.

#1. Can I just reformat the last 2.21 GB for FAT32 without dire
performance consequences? (2000's disk manager implies I can do this
within win - haven't used 2000 much yet, or would fdisk be better?)

#2. IF I do make the next FAT32 partition closer to the first, I should
still be within LILO's 1024th cylinder limitation - yet even with current
partition scheme LILO wouldn't come up at reboot.(?)

I don't have any crucial data since I haven't installed any apps yet and
normally I'd rip right into this thing but - I don't exactly have a CD of
the "other" OS, if ya know what I mean, in the event I hose the disk.

My main concern for Linux install is to have partitioning correct for
having room for Star Office's swap needs and any config I might need for
mySQL, Apache and various development tools.


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