Deja Vu all over again

E Frank Ball frankb at
Mon Mar 26 16:16:10 PST 2001

} I have now got a bigger PC.  It is an AMD k6 (400 mhz) with
} a 40 gig drive and I have loaded Red Hat 7.0 in it.  It came
} with an ISA (ne2000) NIC that I could not get to work under
} linux (it did work with Windows, though)  I bought another
} NIC (ne2000), and can get it identified as "eth0" by Linux.
} When connected to the router, I cannot get it to ping either
} macintosh, or the router ;  that is,
} or although it will ping but I
} understand that is no big feat since that is the internal
} address of a local loop.

ISA cards do not autoprobe.  You must specify the address.
Two ways to do this:  

Include the address when you load the kernel module (good for

/sbin/modprobe ne io=0x300

or put it in /etc/modules.conf :

alias eth0 ne
options eth0 io=0x320

This is the permanent solution.
The IRQ can be specfied, but it is not necessary.

What is in /etc/modules.conf ?

What happens when you load the module with modprobe?

What is the output of "/sbin/lsmod" ?

What is in /proc/interrupts ?

} I have fooled around with the PC BIOS to try to understand
} the IRQ settings for Plug and Play, but am getting nowhere.

ISA cards don't plug and play very well.

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