Rules of Conduct?

Rafe Magnuson rmagnuson at
Thu Mar 22 21:40:07 PST 2001

Sounds like the 'golden rule' then. Good enough for me! Thanks!

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---- ME <dugan at> wrote:
> Can't say that I have seen one for this list. If I were to hazard to
> guess, it might go something like this if there was one:
> Don't treat others in any way that you would not want to be treated.
> Treat others as you want to be treated.
> Of course, I am not the list maintainer, so this is just a guess.
> Other useful stuff:
> When asking a question, more useful information is better than less
> information.
> Include your desired result as part of the question because someone
> might
> have a better way to build your widget than your present approach,
> or
> offer something that is more of a standard.
> Anyone else have other suggestions?
> -ME
> On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Rafe Magnuson wrote:
> > Is there a "rules of conduct" script, or "etiquette" faq for this
> group?
> > I've already posted two or three items and I don't want to get "out
> of
> > line" with anyone ..

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