RH 8 not going down gracefully

Joseph McCarty jatlee at pacbell.net
Mon Dec 16 08:13:02 PST 2002

Despite many cups of mark, I still can't find my brain.

/etc/rc.d/rc0.d is indeed populated with K-scripts.  CTRL ALT F2 brings no
response.  And  /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf looks the same as on my 7.3 box.
There is no [system] heading in either file.

I openned a root shell from KDE desktop, and executed "shutdown -r now."
The usual system message appeared announcing imminent shutdown, and the GUI
screen dropped to an unusual black and white pattern covering the entire
screent, rows of closely spaced vertical white lines about 50 pixels high,
every other one having a tiny square at the botttom, against a black
background.  I could just a vertical column of scrolling yellow vertical
lines moved down about half the screen, perhaps being "[ok]" scrolling down
with lines of text underneath the pattern, as in a normal shutdown.

The machine then rebooted normally, without a file system restoration.

Help me, Mr. (and Ms-es) Wizards!

Joe McCarty
jatlee at pacbell.net

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oooops, my brain is not engaged yet....

I meant check /etc/rc.d/rc0.d  scripts to make sure the shutdown scripts are
there...  still working on that first cup of joe...

On Saturday 14 December 2002 08:26, Mark Street wrote:
> Different.....  You are running in runlevel 5.  The normal behavior when
> shutting down in runlevel 5 is for the screen to go black and the machine
> to go down gracefully running the rc5.d scripts.
> Can you grab another virtual terminal with a CTRL ALT F2 ?  Login as root
> and shutdown from there.  Try not to hit the power switch if you don't
> to.
> Check out /etc/rc.d/rc5.d and make sure your shutdown script sequence is
> there.
> Check out /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf
> I usually REMOVE the SYSTEM menu from my systems the run runlevel 5 in
> gdm.conf....  I think RH8 may replace your old one gdm.conf-rpmsave for
> Gnome2, compare the two and see what has changed.  I can send you mine if
> you want to compare.  You can change an option in gdm.conf to have it log
> or debug to syslog for more information.
> Let us know.
> On Friday 13 December 2002 21:29, Joseph McCarty wrote:
> > With a fresh install of RH 8, from either the KDE or GNOME desktop, I
> > out, and on the login screen I select System-->Shutdown.  My screen goes
> > black, the computer remains on but with no disk activity.  After a
> > minute, I shut down by powering down.  Rebooting, the boot process has
> > run a file system check on /, and restore the other partitions from
> > journals.
> >
> > On a different box with a slower processor, less RAM, a different video
> > card, and RH 7.3, I never had this problem.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > Joe McCarty
> > jatlee at pacbell.net
> > 707-545-2462
> >
> > ps--I think this is an OS thing, but just in case, the video card is
> > Number Nine Revolution IV (T2R4), its driver is i128, and the monitor is
> > a Viewsonic PF790

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