RH 8 not going down gracefully

Mark Street jet at sonic.net
Mon Dec 16 09:18:36 PST 2002

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Sounds like an X server problem.  As I recall there may be a problem with DRI 
modules in X server with some video cards...... mine included until RH 8.0 go 

Check your /etc/X11/XF86Config file for the DRI lines, comment them out and 
restart the machine.  (You can configure gdm to restart the X server on every 
login if you want... see gdm.conf
# If you are having trouble with using a single server for a long time and
# want gdm to kill/restart the server, turn this on

Look for...

#Section "DRI"
#        Mode 0666

Section "Module"
       # Load  "dri"

If that does not help you might want to backup your XF86Config files and 
reconfigure the X server.


Keep hackin.....

On Monday 16 December 2002 08:13, Joseph McCarty wrote:
> Despite many cups of mark, I still can't find my brain.
> /etc/rc.d/rc0.d is indeed populated with K-scripts.  CTRL ALT F2 brings no
> response.  And  /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf looks the same as on my 7.3 box.
> There is no [system] heading in either file.
> I openned a root shell from KDE desktop, and executed "shutdown -r now."
> The usual system message appeared announcing imminent shutdown, and the GUI
> screen dropped to an unusual black and white pattern covering the entire
> screent, rows of closely spaced vertical white lines about 50 pixels high,
> every other one having a tiny square at the botttom, against a black
> background.  I could just a vertical column of scrolling yellow vertical
> lines moved down about half the screen, perhaps being "[ok]" scrolling down
> with lines of text underneath the pattern, as in a normal shutdown.
> The machine then rebooted normally, without a file system restoration.
> Help me, Mr. (and Ms-es) Wizards!

> > > ps--I think this is an OS thing, but just in case, the video card is
> > > Number Nine Revolution IV (T2R4), its driver is i128, and the monitor
> > > is a Viewsonic PF790

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