[NBLUG/talk] Linux newbie needs help installing NIC module

wtf at sonic.net wtf at sonic.net
Sat Mar 20 17:03:00 PST 2004

I don't have anything in /usr/src/linux that looks like kernel source
code. How would I get that there?
I tried upgrading the kernel on this thing once and failed miserably, so
I'm kinda trying to stick with kernels installed with the OS.

Thanks for your help!


> I have the Broadcomm 4401 100M NIC in my Inspiron 5100.
> I run a later 2.4.22 kernel on my Insprion 5100, the module is now part
> of the  stock kernel from Red Hat - b44.o
> kernel config option on my 2.4.22 - CONFIG_B44=m
> This is also the case for the 2.6.3 kernels I have built.
> I used to have to compile the module for each kernel.  I still have the
> 3.0.7  source code release for the Broadcom 4401.  I may still have the
> source for  the older 2.0.5 driver, which may work with the 2.4.18
> kernels.
> Make sure you have your kernel source code located in /usr/src/linux or
> the  module will not compile.  If you have no luck with their latest
> driver I  would probably recommend building a newer kernel and go with
> that.  I did  have some problems getting their driver to compile
> sometimes as I used to  build rpms out of their source.  I was glad when
> they integrated the driver  into the kernel.
> On Saturday 20 March 2004 02:54 pm, wtf at sonic.net wrote:
>> I just installed Debian Woody on my Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop. The
>> 2.4.18 kernel that comes with it does not have support for the NIC,
>> which is a Broadcomm 4400 gigabit NIC. I have downloaded the drivers
>> and extracted the tarball, but make errors out with tons of "parse
>> error before ___" where the blank is filled in with different names
>> such as 'pPacket' and 'pUmPacket'
>> then after the pages of errors:
>> make: *** [b44um.o] Error 1
>> Do I need to do something to the Makefile?
>> Is any more information needed?
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