[NBLUG/talk] 1) setting run level, 2) X11 server config

Glen Gunsalus g-gunsalus at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 10 09:56:19 PST 2005

I've used sarge installer to get started on my IBM 600 laptop.

1) I'd like to start up with non-X11.  In the past i've edited inittab 
to modify startup run level.  Doesn't seem to work for me.  How do I do 
this on sarge?  What am I missing?

2) The default install gave me 800x600 display.  I'd like to get 
1024x768 but am a bit reluctant to run xf86configure since everything 
else is fine.  Can I edit the onfig file by hand and, if so, where do I 
edit?   I see the screen section has several lines with resolution.  Any 


Glen Gunsalus

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