[NBLUG/talk] NMI message on Debian Install

Howard howardas at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 10 15:33:25 PST 2005

Operating System Version: Debain Woody
Error Messages:NMI 2nd, 3rd, are you running in some power saving mode? 

I am trying to get Debian "Woody" running on an old machine, and want to
it on a drive attached to a Promise Ultra66 controller. But I'm getting
message that says something about NMI, and "If I'm running some type of
power saving module? I'm using bf24 at boot to run the 2.4 kernel.

Here is the setup. Tyan Tsunami board. I just Flashed the Bios so I can
a Slot I Pentium III 800mhz Coppermine. Used to only handle a 550 mhz
max. This board uses the BX chipset. I have PC100 DRAM, 320 mbs. 

Besides the controller, I have a Kingston KNE111TX Ethernet. I saw
somewhere that the Tulip driver will work with this card. I also have a
KNE110TX available. I also wish to run a SCSI controller. I have the
choice of a SIIG SC-PS0M22, but can't find info on drivers. Or an
Adaptec AVA-2903B, or a Tekram DC-310 with with Symbios SYM53C810.
Drives are 2 CDROM's on IDE2, one Writer other DVD-ROM. IDE1 is Seagate
Gig with /boot on 8mb partition & /usr/local on 2nd partition. There are
2 Drives on IDE1 on
Promise Controller. 

I found a sheet that has directions to get a drive on this controller
working, but am missing something in the directions. I got
the I/O numbers for the card. There are 5 of them as follows.

The directions say to label the I/O's as the 1st is "a", the 2nd as "b"
It says to edit the Kernel, and add ide1=a,b ide2=c,d etc... ide2=??
So is the 1st I/O for the controller or the last??

The larger drive on the controller is the Slave, and is seen as /dev/hde
the partition table. The 2nd drive is /dev/hdf.Here are the partions I
/hde1 / Bootable
/hde2 swap
/hde3 /usr
/hde5 /home
/hde6 /var

The other Master drive has Fat32 partitions. Not worrying about them

Last thing, any settings that might affect this in the Bios??



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