[NBLUG/talk] OT: Old Mac fans?

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Wed Jan 12 10:33:45 PST 2005

Ack. I think it can run up to OS 7 or so. I have an original mac
somewhere, but it doesn't boot. Mac SEs are a lot of fun as they have a
20meg drive. I think they had something called AUX (AppleUniX) but I don't
know if it would run on a plus or not.

Mac SE web server:

Mac Plus webservers and info:

Info on linux (debian) on old macs (but not quite that old mostly becuase
early macs are limited to 4megs memory)

PS I'm pretty sure the plus can be expanded to 4megs memory. As I remember
you have to cut a wire on the motherboard and then just install 4 1-meg 30
pin simms.

> Good morning,
> If you'll pardon the off-topic question: I have an old Mac plus. It seems
> to work, but I believe it needs an OS refresh. I have the mouse, keyboard,
> and an external hard disk.
> Does anyone on the list have a nostalgic interest in this hardware, or
> know someone who does? Will it run Linux? (There, OT no more :)
> I can give more detailed info if anyone is interested.
> Sebastian
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