[NBLUG/talk] attn: SQL studs/studettes

Troy Arnold troy at zenux.net
Mon Jan 17 14:49:04 PST 2005

On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 02:33:45PM -0800, Walter Hansen wrote:
> I think this sort of thing is only possible if you use subqueries, and
> then I think it's a bit of a stretch. Last I knew I was trying to upgrade
> one of my MySQLs just so it could use subqueries as only the latest did
> that. This is one of those things that is next to impossible in SQL, but
> is darned easy in a program that reads the result. 

> I'd probably post on on a mysql discussion group as their should be
> some true SQL jedi there,

Good suggestion.  I always try the local waters first though.

> I think you're going to end up putting query results into temorary tables
> and then recombineing them or worse and I don't even remember if mysql
> does that yet.

Mysql does do temp. tables, and they work well for some stuff.  I'm
not really sure why I overlooked that idea.  Thanks.

> I been talking SQL to an Oracle server lately and boy is it a strange
> beasty. Makes MySQL look real nice.

I really like postgres now, but old loyalties (MySQL) die hard.


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