[NBLUG/talk] How to set up WebDAV on Apache 2?

Mark Street mark at oswizards.com
Mon Jan 17 19:22:37 PST 2005

I used the apache manual for mod_dav.

How could mod_dav and Apache2 configuration be that much different between 
Linux distros?  Most of the configuration takes place in the apache 
httpd.conf file.  Ah, I have set up webdav.... but only Red Hat and Fedora 
systems... oh well.

On Monday 17 January 2005 17:55, Lincoln Peters wrote:
> Has anyone here ever successfully set up WebDAV under Apache 2 and
> Debian/testing?  I've looked at several tutorials I found via Google,
> but all of them are either written for Apache 1.4 or Red Hat Linux.
> In case you're wondering, I want to use WebDAV to create an online
> calendar that two computers (a Debian box running Novell Evolution and a
> Macintosh running iCal) can use to keep their own calendars synchronized
> with each other.

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