[NBLUG/talk] Help with Firefox

Dave Sisley dsisley at sonic.net
Sun Jan 23 19:34:48 PST 2005

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 04:57:02PM -0800, Peter Lutz wrote:
> Good Afternoon.
> I hastily restarted my Debian Testing system just now, and I am having 
> trouble
> with firefox.  When I try to start it, I get a Gnome panel widget saying the
> default session is already in use.  It wants me to create a new session.  Of
> course I don't want a new session, I want to use my default session.
> It looks like a stale lock file problem, or something like that.  Does 
> anyone
> have any experience or suggestions to help getting around this problem?


This happened to me too the other day, and I solved it by first
checking whether there were in fact any other firefox sessions
running, with this command: 

ps aux | grep firefox

The output of that said I was running one instance of firefox, and
about half a dozen of firefox-bin (I have no idea what the difference
is between the 2 apps, or why so many were running).  I ran 'killall
firefox' and then 'killall firefox-bin' and that shut off the all the
processes.  I then just tried running FF as usual, and it started with
no problems. 

Make sure you see Augie's post too.  It might be a better solution - I
don't know much about lock files.

I wonder: are we describing 2 solutions to the same problem or 2
different problems?


Dave Sisley
dsisley at sonic.net

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