[NBLUG/talk] Init script stoped working in debian.

Jacob Appelbaum jake at nblug.org
Mon Jan 31 14:40:24 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 14:18, Steve Johnson wrote:
> Dean,
> Yeah thats all good,  I did seem to narrow this down a little bit.. In
> the script there is a line that looks like this
> . /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail;
> thats a dot space and then the path to sendmail.
> Now that gets the ELF error...  I can recreate it with another binary... example
> smeagol:~# . ls
> -su: ELF: command not found
> Same error.. so the .<space>command seems to die..

That's because . /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail; is attempting to be
parsed as a shell script. You're doing that against a binary file.
Remove the "." and it will work. But it's a dirty hack, you dirty hacker
you ;-)

Use the power of the stub package!

with love,
Jacob Appelbaum <jake at nblug.org>

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