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Dean A. Roman droman at romansys.com
Fri Jan 13 09:28:53 PST 2006

I'm glad you found the culprit...

FYI:  "dhcp3-server" doesn't need to, and shouldn't, configure any 
interfaces, it just needs an interface to use...much the same way sshd 
doesn't configure an interface in it's startup script, but needs an 
interface to run.  
  Truthfully, I'm not sure dhcp3-server even needs to have an interface 
configured with an IP address at all, since it doesn't use IP...it uses 
lower level hardware/ethernet broadcasts, etc. via the MAC 
level...anybody know this for sure?
  If you want to see dhcp in action, at your dhcpd3-server console run 
tcpdump or ethereal when booting your dhcp client machine and you'll see 
the conversation at the mac level between your two machines trying to 
get an IP address from the dhcp3-server.

Thanks...glad I could have help,

A'fish'ionado wrote:

>My bad...
>I added the line
>ifconfig eth0 netmask
>to /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server. I commented it out, and the problem went away.
>Even stranger... Removing the line didn't break the DHCP server.
><shrug> It all seems to work now. ("Seems to work" is the key part
>Now, IP forwarding... ;-)
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Dean A. Roman

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