[NBLUG/talk] video card compatibility

ck3k ck3k at ck3k.org
Tue Jun 6 19:57:52 PDT 2006

With linux compatibility the best two companies are ATI and Nvidia. I  
am personally a bigger fan of Nvidia. I would check out the Gentoo  
documentation, it is rather complete when it comes to graphic card  
install.   As far as displaying text, you could get away with an old  
s3 card. Does it have to be PCI? AGP is still a viable solution in  
many cases. Gentoo is alright, been using it quite awhile, but I  
would say check out ubuntu.


On Jun 3, 2006, at 9:49 AM, Sean Van Couwenberghe wrote:

> It has been awhile since I have used Linux (Redhat mostly, back in the
> 7.x days), but I have been getting back into it over the last two
> months with Gentoo.
> I am building a new system to install Mandriva, and possibly later
> Gentoo, and I am concerned about video card compatability. I do not
> know what PCI or PCI-E cards work with Linux these days. I am looking
> for something low-cost (that will only display text), but that does
> not eat up system RAM. I could pick a handful and research them, but
> that could take a huge amount of time.
> Any suggestions, or sites where I could look this up myself? Thank you
> for being there for questions.
> Sean
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