[NBLUG/talk] video card compatibility

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Tue Jun 6 20:21:27 PDT 2006

Sean Van Couwenberghe wrote:
> It has been awhile since I have used Linux (Redhat mostly, back in the
> 7.x days), but I have been getting back into it over the last two
> months with Gentoo.
> I am building a new system to install Mandriva, and possibly later
> Gentoo, and I am concerned about video card compatability. I do not
> know what PCI or PCI-E cards work with Linux these days. I am looking
> for something low-cost (that will only display text), but that does
> not eat up system RAM. I could pick a handful and research them, but
> that could take a huge amount of time.
> Any suggestions, or sites where I could look this up myself? Thank you
> for being there for questions.
> Sean

I recently bought a 8meg Raiden? from globalcompuer.com for a system. I 
think it's ATI and it's never given me any trouble. PCI. I think it was 
$10 or less.

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