[NBLUG/talk] Linux for media player system

Barry Stump barry at shrewdlogic.com
Thu Jun 15 10:03:46 PDT 2006

Well, if I was doing this project, I would use a trimmed down install of 
linux (probably booting from compact flash), with Mozilla for the UI (XUL 
and Javascript) and either mplayer or VLC to play the media.  You can make 
a fully functional system this way that occupies between 32 and 128 MB, 
not counting audio/video storage space.  Drivers for the bluetooth GPS 
might be a problem though.  Elo Touchsystems makes good touch screens that 
are linux compatible ( http://www.elotouch.com/ ).


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On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Jose I. Sanchez wrote:

> Ok, I have an interesting project for which I am beginning the research.
> I intend to build a nano-itx PC to use as a media center PC in a car.  I have 
> been looking at Windows Media player because it has a lot of stuff integrated 
> and makes life easier when using a touch panel and servo controllers.  Ease 
> comes with a price though and the size of the OS is a problem considering 
> that I want to use flash ram as the HD.  Sooooooo ..... does anyone have 
> recommendations for a distro and program package that would best fill my 
> needs?  I want to use a touch panel, bluetooth keyboard, 802.11G NIC, 
> bluetooth GPS and a servo controller that will need control panels coded. 
> There is my excuse to finally learn PERL.
> Jose 
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