[NBLUG/talk] Email Boxes

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Mon Jun 19 14:13:14 PDT 2006

> RFC 822 specifies that "postmaster" be valid..
> RFC 2142 also has a list of suggested aliases.  I think some of these
> are good, but obviously not all.
> http://rfc.net/rfc2142.html
> As far as directing your listed aliases to dev/null, for most of them
> it's probably OK, though I've never done it myself.
> Personally, I use spamassassin with pretty defaultish rules (and fairly
> minimal administration) and only get a few spams a day, but then you may
> be on a higher visibility net block.
> - Chris

I've got to spend some time with spamassin soon. It always comes down to
time vs importantce arround here. Now if I could find the time to get
through the spam to read the docs.... :-)

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