[NBLUG/talk] Debian start-up script not quite working...

Troy Arnold troy at zenux.net
Sun Jun 25 23:25:12 PDT 2006

On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 05:46:49PM -0700, Rob Orsini wrote:
> Hey there,
> I have script that starts a cluster of Mongrel web server processes and 
> I need it restarted with the system. I copied the script to /etc/init.d 
> and it's executable and owned by root. I can't send a start, stop, and 
> restart manually with not problems.

Wow, my brain fan started spinning wildly while trying to parse that
last sentence ;-)

> I used:
> 	update-rc.d mongrel_cluster defaults
> and restarted, but it didn't come up.
> Can someone please see what I'm doing wrong?

It may be that mongrel_cluster_ctl is not in the path of the process
running the script at boot.

In your scripts, try something like: 

Depending on how the mongrel tools are built, you may have to explicitly
set the path in your script.

When debugging init scripts, I find 'echo' and 'sleep' to be great


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