[NBLUG/talk] Debian start-up script not quite working...

Dean A. Roman droman at romansystems.com
Mon Jun 26 09:25:23 PDT 2006


Your update-rc.d command line looks good, and your init script links in 
the rc?.d directories are good.
I'll "almost" bet the farm it's a path issue.
As Troy was saying in the last post, throw an echo in there first to see 
if your new init script is getting run at boot..(which I'll bet it is), 
then to help debug.
Second, try using the full path for any executables.  If you look at 
other init scripts in /etc/init.d, almost all of them use the full path 
for there executables.
Third, just as an FYI, check out "start-stop-daemon".  Many init scripts 
use this to start and stop there programs.  It can help in making sure a 
process is really dead.  Or it can help in starting only one process(in 
case for some reason another process is already running, it won't start 
another duplicate).


Troy Arnold wrote:

>On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 05:46:49PM -0700, Rob Orsini wrote:
>>Hey there,
>>I have script that starts a cluster of Mongrel web server processes and 
>>I need it restarted with the system. I copied the script to /etc/init.d 
>>and it's executable and owned by root. I can't send a start, stop, and 
>>restart manually with not problems.
>Wow, my brain fan started spinning wildly while trying to parse that
>last sentence ;-)
>>I used:
>>	update-rc.d mongrel_cluster defaults
>>and restarted, but it didn't come up.
>>Can someone please see what I'm doing wrong?
>It may be that mongrel_cluster_ctl is not in the path of the process
>running the script at boot.
>In your scripts, try something like: 
>$MONGREL start -c $CONF_DIR
>Depending on how the mongrel tools are built, you may have to explicitly
>set the path in your script.
>When debugging init scripts, I find 'echo' and 'sleep' to be great
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