[NBLUG/talk] Installing Debian or Other GNU

Howard howardas at pacbell.net
Tue Jun 27 16:07:13 PDT 2006

I'm trying to install Debia from CDROM using the Netinstall
ISO. During installation the installer checks for the CDROM. First time
it sees it fine. But right after that I think at the point of writing 
files to disk I get a prompt can't find CDROM. 

I have a feeling this has to do with where my CDROM is located in Bios.
It's on the Secondary Slave. hda has XP. hdb currently has Red Hat 9. I wish
overwrite this with a newer Linux OS.

So what is the syntax to tell Grub where my CDROM is on the Slave drive.

I have a feeling it's something like boot /hdd. Is that right hdd if it is
on the 
Secondary Master Slave?? 

I know this may be simple, but trying to read any Linux manuals is not for
the faint of 
heart for new users. I have yet to see a manual that is concise.



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