[NBLUG/talk] Boot Failure

Peter Lutz AA6AV aa6av at sonic.net
Wed Jan 10 12:18:15 PST 2007

Good Afternoon.

I managed to screw up the booting of a Debian Unstable system
yesterday.  The guys working on our new roof hit the power line
for about a 1 second outage.  The box boots fine off the rescue
floppy and runs just fine.  It dual boots Debian and Win 2K. 
(well, it did), but I have not used the Win 2K since installing
VMware and running windows on that.  

What happens now is that the screen half fills with
L 99 99 99 99 99...
and it freezes.  It will not boot off a CD, but it will boot off
the rescue floppy which contains lilo.conf, vmlinuz, map, lost&
found. I checked the BIOS settings, and as near as I can tell,
they are OK.  As a last resore I told the BIOS to set the
defaults, but nothing changed. 

So, does it look like I screwed up the MBR, part of lilo, or

Any comments on how to get it booting again would be greatly

Thank you.
Peter Lutz AA6AV
Debian Linux 2.4.21

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