[NBLUG/talk] Cell Tower Upgrades in Sebastopol

Christopher Wagner waggie at waggie.net
Tue Dec 6 01:46:33 PST 2011

Hi folks, I wanted to let you all know that today (Dec 6th @ 6 pm) the 
Sebastopol City Council will be hearing citizens regarding a Verizon 
cell phone tower upgrade at City Hall.  There will be a large contingent 
of people who are strongly opposed to this upgrade due to concerns about 
EMF radiation.

Personally, I support the upgrade, it'll will add 4G coverage in 
Sebastopol and despite claims by the opposition, my research indicates 
this will actually reduce overall EMF radiation (newer wireless 
technologies are far more efficient).  I invite whomever wishes to, to 
please come and voice your own opinion.  I believe strongly in all 
people voicing their opinion, but I've noticed there's very little press 
about this in forums that apply to the more technical crowd.

After the Free Public WiFi opposition in Sebastopol, I think it would be 
good for the Sebastopol City Council to see support from folks who are 
not afraid of this technology.  As noted in the articles below, the 
council meeting, held at the Youth Annex, at the North end of Morris 
St., starts at 6, but this item will likely be brought up on the agenda 
6:45 or 7.  You need not be a resident of Sebastopol to attend or speak 
on the topic.

More information (please note that both articles are written by the 



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

- Chris Wagner
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