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Christopher Wagner chrisw at
Thu Aug 23 15:46:38 PDT 2001

This was on a Cobalt Raq 2, the processor is a Nevada mips 250 MHz, I
believe..  The server wouldn't crash, it would just sit there gurning
for awhile and eating up loads of resources for about 5-10 mins.. :(
This is of course, better than the PowerMac 8500 they were using
previously for web/mail/ftp/dns.  (Yikes!)

- Chris
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> On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 02:45:11PM -0700, Christopher Wagner wrote:
> > IMAP is not a good idea if you're receiving large attachments, it
> bogs
> > the server down to a pretty much unusable point after about 3 megs
> of
> > attachment until it's done parsing the message.  (A company I did
> > consulting for INSISTED on using email to receive print jobs, ugh)
> Hmm...this has not been my experience.  Do you use maildir or mbox
> mailboxes?  I'd bet that could be part of the problem.  At our office,
> I've
> gotten folks used to not being able to send emails larger than 5 or 7
> megs
> in size (not sure what the limit is off the top of my head).
> Since moving to Courier-IMAP with maildirs, our mail moves so fast
> that
> people think it's broken sometimes.  hehe...course part of that is our
> old
> mail server was a SGI Challenge S w/ 64M of RAM and our new mail
> server is a
> PIII 750 w/512M of RAM ;)
> -Dustin

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