[NBLUG/talk] Re: talk Digest, Vol 3, Issue 28

A'fish'ionado afishionado1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 16:44:03 PDT 2004

> My guess would be you have an acpi BIOS based MoBo. 
> apm is the old way of 
> handling advanced power management.
> Check the /proc dir ( ls /proc ) to see if you have
> an acpi dir.  If so, then 
> you need a windowmaker applet that interfaces with
> acpi to handle battery 
> status.

I found wmacpi on the 'Net and it works. :-) OK!

Though, for whatever reason, Mozilla Firefox doesn't
seem to like it. It makes forms in Firefox not very
responsive to the keyboard. Although, Firefox does
this under Windows all the time without any obvious
reason. I'll work on it.

> Lost without CD's huh???  You have an entire global
> network at your disposal, 
> go find what you need and install if off the net
> man.

I'm just spoiled with YaST checking dependencies for
me when I install of the CD. :-)

> KDE rocks!!!  No whining!!

I installed KDE on my desktop with 1 Gb of ram, and
it's great. I have about 10 apps running on four
desktops. Then, all my hacker friends chewed me out
for "abusing" that machine's "power" by sucking up
that ram running a memory-hungry window manager.

I installed KDE on my laptop with 256 Mb ram, and it
pages every five minutes. I switch to WM, and you
start picking on me for that. I just can't win. :-)


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