[NBLUG/talk] [NBLUG/Announce] InstallFest; July 24th

Eric Eisenhart eric at nblug.org
Mon Jun 28 16:08:39 PDT 2004

Please note that this InstallFest is at O'Reilly; the same place as our
general meetings.  Please see below for information on the exact location
and directions.  Our usual InstallFest location (Sonoma State University)
was not available due to summer hours.

        WHEN: Saturday, July 24th - 10:30AM - 4:30PM PDT
       WHERE: O'Reilly; http://nblug.org/genloc
         WHO: Anyone wanting help in installing Linux onto their computer
         URL: http://nblug.org/installfest/
WHAT DO I DO: Go to http://www.nblug.org/installfest/ to sign up!!!!

>>> What is an InstallFest and who can come? <<<

Instead of putting all of the usual "what is an InstallFest" info in this
and future announcements, we have a link up on our website as to what a
NBLUG InstallFest entails and how to participate. If you point your browser
of choice to http://www.nblug.org/installfest/, you'll be presented with all
the info you ever wanted to know about what goes on at an InstallFest, and
how you can get the most out of attending one.

Anyone is more than welcome to attend. If you need help or just want to hang
out and talk, you are more than welcome to show up. They are always totally
free; you might want to bring a few dollars for pizza, however.

>>> How do I sign up? <<<

We will again be taking signups for this InstallFest, so please be sure to
visit that URL if you plan on attending. People, who signup and reserve a
time slot, are first in line. We've found that by taking signups, we can
help more people in a timely fashion. We can also make sure that enough
helpers are available for those wanting help. If you need help at the last
minute, you can still just show up and we'll probably be able to help you,
but it really helps us if you register first, preferably a week or more in
advance so we have a chance to beg for more helpers if we need them.

>>> What if I want to offer help? <<<

If you're interested in helping out, please contact installfest at nblug.org;
if you've successfully installed Fedora (or RedHat or Mandrake or SuSE or
Debian or FreeBSD or OpenBSD or YellowDog or ???) before, you can probably
help out. We can even use a bit of help from somebody helping people bring
their heavy equipment in. Besides, it's fun to come hang out with all the
geeks. ;)

For helpers, the schedule is a little different:

    8:00AM  - Breakfast (optional) at an undecided location.
    10:00AM - Room open to helpers for setup
    10:30AM - Installs begin (event start)
    4:00PM  - Installs should be done by now.
    4:30PM  - Installs must be done by now.
    5:00PM  - Room closed; alarms go off, doors lock, police show up.
We always need helpers, and we can usually use more helpers than we get.
It's a good way to "give back" to NBLUG and it's a geeky good time. (If
you're interested in helping out but can't do an InstallFest, please
consider giving a presentation, contact speakers at nblug.org

>>> Special challenges <<<

Since we don't have our usual location, bandwidth and space are at more of a
premium than usual. Please sign up early and be understanding if we need to
move your timeslot around a little.

Also, we're trying out a different version of the installfest registration,
so for those of you that have been through this before, don't be shocked by
the changes.

>>> Where is this again <<<


Our meeting room at O'Reilly is located at 1005 Gravenstein Highway North in
Sebastopol.  http://nblug.org/genloc has links to a map.

For those who may not know, Gravenstein Highway is also called Hwy 116.

For those who know Sebastopol, O'Reilly's new building is just past Long's
Drugs and Mary's Pizza Shack heading North on 116

Once you find the building, you will need to locate the room:

If you look at O'Reilly's new campus from Hwy 116, you'll see three
buildings. The one on the far left is their warehouse, and not where we will
be. The other two buildings include offices and our meeting room.

We will be in a conference room that is located behind the building on the
far right. If you walk between the two office buildings, the sidewalk splits
and a path leads to the right or left - you'll want to go to the right and
walk about 15 feet. The conference room door should be in view to your left
and you may see fellow NBLUG-ers wandering around installing Linux...
Eric Eisenhart
NBLUG Co-Founder, Director-At-Large, and Interim InstallFest Coordinator
The North Bay Linux Users Group
eric at nblug.org, IRC: Freiheit at freenode, AIM: falschfreiheit, ICQ: 48217244

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