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Board Meeting Minutes 2006/06/05

* Role Call: Present: Kyle (president), Matt (v.pres), Dave (scribe), and Aaron (dir @ large). Not quite a quorum, so no voting...
* Installfest came up, but didn't really discuss as Greg was not there; Kyle will talk to him re: whether he will still coordinate.
* Possibility of a post-installfest LAN party & perhaps Game installs was discussed...
* We talked about how WE NEED SPEAKERS! Kyle will step up and do PXE/VMWare talk

Board Meeting

2006/05/02 6:00 pm
2006/05/02 8:30 pm
  • Roll Call (Kyle)
  • Approval of March Minutes? (Kyle)
  • Welcome new Board Members: (Kyle)
    • Vice President: Matt Hubert
    • Scribe: Dave Sisley
    • Directors at Large: Aaron Grattafiori, Paul Peterson
  • Discuss possible new meeting location (Kyle)
  • Items carried over from previous meeting:
    • Status of General Meeting Videos; Kyle was going to talk to Dan and get the original files to make VCDs or possibly upload to Google Video
    • Update Bylaws for Election procedures to reflect cutoff times for voting

Sizzling Tandoor

Board meeting minutes 2006/04/04

* Role Call: Present: Kyle (president), Kat(director), Eric(scribe), Dave, Aaron. Dustin(treasurer) and Trevor arrived slightly late. With Dustin's appearance enough board members were present for a quorum.
* videos discussed. Kyle's still working on this. Using google video ( as a possible way to distribute videos instead of loaning out discs was discussed.
* nonprofit status discussed. Resolved: removed from agenda Can be reintroduced later if somebody on the board wants to.
* election process discussed. Who's running for each position discussed a little. Mentioned that currently all positions are uncontested.

Board Minutes for 2006/02/06

* Present: Frank, Troy, Augie, Kyle, Greg, Dustin, Kat, Eric
* Previous minutes approved with one change
* Board Meeting Frequency and Scheduling discussed. Resolved: Tuesday before general meeting
* Upcoming meetings discussed.
** splunk - Augie will followup
** rfid - Troy will talk to a potential speaker
** Also discussed a possible samba topic
* Status of General Meeting Videos. Resolved: Kyle will talk to Dan and get the original files to make VCDs
* Elections in April. Resolved: Mention them at the next meeting

Board Meeting

2006/04/04 6:00 pm
2006/04/04 8:30 pm
  • Roll Call (Eric)
  • Approval of February Minutes (Eric)
  • Items carried over from previous meeting:
    • Status of General Meeting Videos; Kyle was going to talk to Dan and get the oringal files to make VCDs
    • TaxID/non-profit Status (Jake)
    • Elections at next meeting
      • Election Procedure
      • Positions
        • President:
          • Kyle Rankin (accepted)
        • Vice-President:
          • Matt Hubert (accepted)
        • Treasurer:
          • Kat Ogaz (accepted)
        • Scribe (secretary):

Sizzling Tandoor

2006 Board Elections

We will be holding elections for the board at the next general meeting. The nomination period starts now and ends April 9th. The list of current nominations will be posted here.

In order to nominate yourself or somebody else, send an email to with "NOMINATE" in the subject line. Nominations do not require a second, but must be accepted by the nominee.

Positions and nominations:

* President:
** Kyle Rankin (accepted)
* Vice-President:
** Matt Hubert (accepted)
* Treasurer:
** Kat Ogaz (accepted)
* Scribe (secretary):
** Dave Sisley (accepted)
** Eric Eisenhart (not yet accepted)
* Directors at Large (2 positions):
** Aaron Grattafiori (accepted)
** Paul Peterson (accepted)
** Stephen Cilley (declined)
** Dave Sisley (retracted in order to run for scribe)

June 2005 Board Meeting Minutes

1pm: meeting called to order

Present: Kyle (President), Augie(VP), Eric(Scribe), Kat(Director at Large), Dustin(Treasurer), Greg, Frank; 5 out of 6 elected board members present; sufficient for quorum.

  1. Reading of previous minutes skipped due to not having a copy on hand
  2. Possibilities for July meeting discussed. Nothing is definite yet. Other months briefly mentioned
  3. July installfest discussed. Resolved: will be announced shortly
  4. Rob Orsini (robble) as "O'Reilly Liason" for meetings discussed. Resolved: some of the board will discuss it with him at or after the next general meeting on Tuesday and then we'll make the switch totally official, as long as he's agreeable

NBLUG Board Meeting

  • Role Call
  • Reading of previous minutes
  • Upcoming Events
    • July Meeting; Gumstix? Kyle knows somebody who might talk about Asterisk?
    • August Meeting
    • September Meeting
    • InstallFest; 7/23
    • InstallFest; 9/17
  • Other
    • Rob Orsini (robble) as "O'Reilly Liason" for meetings
    • Greg involved in InstallFests again
    • What to do with extra money from HD purchase
      • nothing (slowly spend on misc expenses)
      • a 10/100 switch for installfests
      • ???

2003/03/23 Agenda


- democracy (voting for board officers)
- officer jobs (appointed vs. elected, how many, etc.)
- Constitution / Bylaws
- Mike as new president (Augie?)
- Treasurer (have one at all? who?)
- IF coordinator
- T-shirts
- Bandwidth update
- Social Events?
- Advocacy Events (Demos)?
- Require board members to distribute contact info (phone, non-nblug email address) amongst other board members.

NBLUG Board Meeting


Sizzling Tandoor in Santa Rosa @ 6:30pm.

  • Role Call
  • Approval of minutes for 2005/01/26 board meeting
  • General Topics
    • website content license?
    • Advertise Speaker/Book policy more? (Kyle)
    • RedHat Query (Dustin)
  • Upcoming events.
    • Installfest (5/14 tenative) (Eric)
      • Location: ORA or SSU? (Dustin)
    • June General Meeting (6/14) - ??
    • July General Meeting (7/12) - ??
    • Future Meetings
  • Progress Reports/Previously tabled items.
    • Hard Drive (Dustin)
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