The North Bay Linux® Users' Group is a computer users group serving the San Francisco North Bay and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to Linux, Open Source and other related topics. We strive to promote Linux, Free Software, open standards and to generally have a good time by hosting social events that educate, allow members to share ideas and knowledge and to build friendships.

We hold regular meetings on the second Tuesday of each month with a selected topic presented by a guest speaker. We also hold other meetings and events on a regular or semi-regular basis. Meetings and membership are free and open to the public. Please sign up for the announce email list to receive notifications of upcoming events. Or the talk list to get help with Linux.

General meeting 2014-07-08: Tails

2014/07/08 7:30 pm
2014/07/08 9:00 pm

Speaker: Kyle Rankin
Location: O'Reilly Media at 1005 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA in
the Tarsier conference room past the metal statue and to the right

Description: With everything we know now about spying and hacking from the hacker next
to you in the coffee shop all the way to government surveillance, now's as
good a time as any to learn how to protect your privacy and anonymity. The
Tails project provides a live bootable disk that sets up a secure
anonymous session on any computer with all traffic routed over Tor. In this

General meeting 2014-06-10 - emerge world: Putting Your Processor to the Grindstone

2014/06/10 7:30 pm
2014/06/10 9:00 pm

Speaker: Glenn Kerbein
Location: O'Reilly Media at 1005 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA in
the Tarsier conference room past the metal statue and to the right

Description: Following in line with the prior talks about package
managers, it seems almost natural to ponder about our other distribution
choices. Gentoo GNU/Linux offers its own package manager using its own
method of obtaining software: Portage. This talk will discuss what
Gentoo is; how Portage works; what it does; the program and process of
emerge and ebuilds; and some nifty utilities.

How to build RPM's

2014/05/13 7:30 pm
2014/05/13 9:00 pm

Building custom RPM packages and setting up a yum repo.
How to build custom RPM packages for Fedora, RedHat
Enterprise, CentoOS, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux, Suse,
and other RPM based linux distributions. Creating the spec
file and package building. Also how to setup a yum
repository to distribute your packages.

General meeting 2014-04-08 - SteamOS

2014/04/08 7:30 pm
2014/04/08 9:00 pm

I'll be firing up my SteamOS box (built from various pieces I cobbled together) and demonstrating this distribution based on Debian Wheezy that's designed for a 10-foot experience, i.e. sitting on a couch. I'll be showing how Valve configured the OS and how XBMC and even Netflix support can be added. I'm almost positive there will be some 4-player local co-op going on by the end of the meeting. In other words, expect a live demo - there's no need for slides for *this* presentation! :)

Linux in School: Starting Kids Early

2014/03/11 7:30 pm
2014/03/11 9:00 pm

Speaker: Jordan Erickson
Location: O'Reilly Media

Kids are exposed to computers and other technology very early in school. What better place to demonstrate the benefits of Linux and Open Source Software than here? Speaker Jordan Erickson will talk about his experiences with helping bring Linux to several local Sonoma County schools and after school programs, and how you can do the same.

General meeting 2014-02-11: An Introduction to Debian Packaging

2014/02/11 7:30 pm

Speaker: Tom Most
Location: O'Reilly Media

Tom Most will be presenting "An Introduction to Debian Packaging". This talk is aimed at developers and system administrators who wish to deploy applications to Debian and Ubuntu systems. Topics include the structure of a .deb, writing debian/control files, and use of debhelper and dh_make.

Comment from Allan: This should be of interest to anyone who uses a distribution that relies on .deb package management. See you there!

Pi to Game Console Tool-Assisted Speedruns

2013/12/10 7:30 pm
2013/12/10 9:00 pm

Speaker: Allan Cecil
Location: O'Reilly Media

A Raspberry Pi, connected to a custom PCB with a PIC microcontroller, connected to... a game console's controller port? In this presentation, Allan will talk about the Tool-Assisted Speedrun community from, game console emulators in Linux, Raspberry Pi GPIO serial interface capabilities, PCB design, reverse-engineering, and how a TAS can be an artform.
There will be plenty of technical details but the presentation should be enjoyable by all, with demonstrations of games being played perfectly using tools to overcome the limitations of human reflexes and a finale of taking complete control of an unmodified Super Nintendo using only the controller input.

GnuPGP and PGP encryption

2013/10/08 7:30 pm
2013/10/08 9:00 pm

GnuPG is the free open source version of the OpenPGP standard.
GPG can be used to encrypt and/or digitally sign files for secure
storage or email. I'll cover creating GPG keys and using
them for encryption and signing.

MK802, Bringing Linux Home to the Masses

2013/08/13 7:30 pm
2013/08/13 9:00 pm

This talk will cover a introduction of mini-computing at home using Linux.
Topics covered will include Rikomagic's MK802 and MK802II based on the
All-winner A10 Chip set and Android operating system. There will be a brief
introduction to the Dalvik VM, an overview of Hardware specifications,
comparisons of similar devices, as well as a demonstration of stock and
custom images. Recently restricted releases of Chromecast by Google have
prompted a revisit to hardware that is Linux-friendly and ships with
access to root. Active participation for this talk is encouraged, so if you

General Meeting: Automobiles and Linux

2013/07/09 7:30 pm
2013/07/09 9:00 pm

Speaker: Alison Chaiken
Location: O'Reilly Media

Linux developers play a major role in bringing forth the surprisingly
near-term technology of autonomous vehicles. The talk will present
lessons from a few years of work on vehicular SW and make the case
that automotive software will have an outsized societal impact.
Imminent decisions by government and private industry will influence
how long-running problems like privacy and security play out in this
new space. What code is important in automotive Linux, and what's it

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