North Bay Linux Users Group

Find Our Meetings

1005 Gravenstein Hwy N
Sebastopol, CA 95472-2811
Tarsier meeting room

NBLUG hosts its meetings in Sebastopol California at O’Reilly Media’s fabulous building. Since our first meeting in June 1998, O’Reilly has kindly offered us space in their building to host our meetings. We have graciously accepted their kind offer and have called this home ever since our first meeting. If offering us space for meetings is not enough, they also donate books to our Linux user group to raffle off to a few lucky members! (Woohoo!) A huge thank you to O’Reilly for all they have offered our North Bay Linux User Group.

Directions on how to attend our meetings:

Our meeting room at O’Reilly is located at 1005 Gravenstein Highway North in Sebastopol. Yahoo! Maps to see location or Enter a starting address and get directions.

Gravenstein Highway is also called Hwy 116. For those who know Sebastopol, O’Reilly’s campus is just past Long’s Drugs and Mary’s Pizza Shack heading North on 116

Once you find the building, you will need to locate the meeting room: If you look at O’Reilly’s campus from Hwy 116, you’ll see three buildings. The one on the far left is their warehouse, and not where we will be. The other two buildings include offices and our meeting room.

We will be in a conference room named Tarsier that is located behind the building on the right. If you walk between the two office buildings past the metal statue, the sidewalk splits and a path leads to the right or left - you’ll want to go to the right and walk about 15 feet. The conference room door should be in view to your left and you may see fellow NBLUG-ers anxiously awaiting the next meeting, or socializing with their peers.

If you have any questions on the location or need further directions, please email and we’ll help out as best we can.