North Bay Linux Users’ Group

general meeting

Cool Linux Apps - Mini review from multiple NBLUG Members

When: Tue August 12, 2003 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Speaker: Multiple - see details

Location: O'Reilly and Associates

Presentation should cover introductions to the following applications by the associated members: xv (Ron W.: Confirmed.) xmms (Troy: Confirmed.) xine (Kyle: Confirmed.) mplayer (Kyle: Confirmed.) Laptop-net (Kyle: Confirmed.) bc (Andru: Confirmed.) Gaim (Troy: Confirmed.) OpenOffice (Troy: Confirmed.)

Items not taken: (may be covered later in another presentation) Xchat (NOT COVERED THIS MEETING) kismet (NOT COVERED THIS MEETING) gpg (NOT COVERED THIS MEETING)

Bios: (Still waiting for some speakers to submit brief bios)

Andru: Andru works for SSU as Operating System Security Specialist. He has been a member of NBLUG since the very first meeting. He has used Linux for nearly a decade, and it is his operating system of choice. He often lurks in the mailing list, but when he answers a question, he often has something useful and clever to offer. He will discuss “bc” and uncover useful features that you may not have considered useful unless you saw them in action.

Jake: (bio to be added after submission)

Kyle: Full-time Sysadmin for The Green Sheet, Inc. — a local financial services publication. Kyle is finishing up a B.A. in Computer Science part time. He has been a member of NBLUG since January of 2003.

Kyle has been using Linux since his first Redhat 5.1 install at the beginning of 1998 and has been using Linux exclusively as a desktop OS since 1999.

Ron: (bio to be added after submission)

Troy: First introduced to Linux in 1995 or so on the beloved and overworked Switched to Linux on the desktop for fun and work in 1999. Finds booting other OS’s less necessary with the advent of native Linux games such as RTCW, Unreal Tournament and Frozen Bubble.

Published Tue 12 August 2003 by Dustin Mollo