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Using Regular Expressions Under Linux

When: Tue December 09, 2003 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Speaker: Tony Stubblebine

Location: O'Reilly and Associates

Tony Stubblebine (author of the O’Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference) is to give a talk on using regular expressions under Linux. The talk will likely cover things like some basic grep and vi/emacs regular expressions.

Unix Regex Toolbox: Tony Stubblebine is going to rummage through his Regex Toolbox. Every day, regular expressions save him time and sanity by diverting spam, controlling Apache, and searching, organizing, and formatting reams of data. Regular expressions aren’t just for programmers. They’ve moved from the shell to the editor to the database to nearly every major Linux application. Tony will pull out his favorite vim, shell, MySQL, Apache, and procmail tools, tips, and tricks.

And he’ll have some schwag: a shirt, a mug, and two copies of his book, Regular Expression Pocket Reference.

Published Tue 09 December 2003 by Dustin Mollo