North Bay Linux Users’ Group

general meeting

Dreaming in Git

When: Tue March 08, 2016 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Speaker: Marcel M. Cary

Location: O'Reilly Media

In this presentation, we’ll get to know Git intimately enough to anticipate its every move. We’ll develop a visual mental model for a Git repository. Then we’ll explore how every-day Git commands manipulate that model. Along the way, we’ll find ways to peek into Git’s inner world to confirm our understanding. This is not an introduction to Git; it targets a developer who can commit, branch, and merge with Git. Although I’ll show example commands and output, consider bringing a laptop with Git installed so you can type along.

Update: Marcel’s slides are now available online

Published Tue 16 February 2016 by Robert P. Thille