North Bay Linux Users’ Group

general meeting

The Future of Servers is Shrinking and NBLUG Elections

When: Tue November 12, 2019 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Speaker: Mike Higgins

Location: Sonic

Mike Higgins will give a presentation:

I am looking at upgrading or replacing my old tired servers. One possibility is to replace them with small, nimble, low power systems. I have experimented with a Raspberry Pi, a converted “Thin Client” and a “Mini PC”. All three of these would fit in a shoebox with room for a dozen more. (I’ll bring the shoebox to the meeting for show-and-tell). A stack of them would use about as much power while running as an old server tower uses when it is turned off. I’ll talk a little about my major use of these servers (implementing land in the Open Simulator game) but I’ll talk mostly about my trials and tribulations of getting Ubuntu to run on these small but powerful computers. I know just enough about Linux system administration to be dangerous to myself, so if someone jumps up at the meeting to tell me how stupid I am and how I did everything wrong, I will be overjoyed to hear the correct way to set these up.

Following the presentation we will hold our annual elections. Nominations are currently open on the talk list.

Published Sat 09 November 2019 by Tom Most