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You Don’t Know JACK 2019 Edition

When: Tue July 09, 2019 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Speaker: Allan Cecil

Location: Sonic

Yes, this title has been used before but it’s probably still true; JACK is something that most people honestly don’t know but have possibly heard about. Think of JACK as the most powerful audio routing tool you’ve ever seen. When combined with other tools like Ardour it can be a powerful multitrack recording companion. You can connect MIDI devices in unique ways and make a virtual piano with QSynth.

This talk is specifically targeted at users who are unfamiliar with JACK and Digital Audio Workstations but includes some fun advanced topics as I’ll be bringing an 18 channel Behringer XR18 sound board and some other fun toys to show off how it works with JACK. This talk will primarily be focused on a live demo with ample Q&A opportunities.

Published Sun 07 July 2019 by Tom Most