North Bay Linux Users’ Group

NBLUG Constitution

Article 1: Name

Our club’s name is the “North Bay Linux Users’ Group” or “NBLUG” for short.

Article 2: Purpose

Our purposes are:

  1. To promote the Linux operating system, Free Software, Open Source, and open standards, in the area North of San Francisco serving Sonoma County and residents of neighboring counties.

  2. To provide a social setting in which Linux-using residents of the North Bay can meet each other to share ideas, technical know-how and friendship.

  3. To provide a support network for residents of the North Bay Area in use and maintenance of Linux and UNIX operating systems.

  4. To contribute to the free software community at large.

Article 3: Membership

Everyone can attend NBLUG meetings and serve as officers of NBLUG, unconditionally. We don’t discriminate or exclude people from membership or officership for any reason whatsoever. There are no exceptions to this rule. In accordance to California state law, we don’t haze. A member is anyone who has an interest in the club’s objectives and who attends meetings and/or participates in the group. Participation includes subscribing to the mailing list(s).

Article 4: The Constitution

Section 1: Constitution Location

The official constitution’s location is

Section 2: Constitutional Amendment

Anyone can bring up a constitutional amendment to an elected officer. A 2/3 majority of votes from a quarum of elected officials is sufficient to permit alterations to the constitution. The secretary will conduct the vote.

Article 5: Dissolution

Anyone can bring up a motion to dissolve the group at a group meeting. A vote will be taken at the next meeting and must pass by a two thirds majority of people attending the meeting, plus a majority vote of all present elected officers. All remaining privately obtained funds and equipment will be donated to The Linux Project, under the supervision of the remaining board members at the time of dissolution. If this organization no longer exists or can’t accept the donation, privately obtained funds shall be donated to the Free Software Foundation.