North Bay Linux Users’ Group

general meeting

General Meeting

When: Tue August 09, 2005 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Speaker: None

Location: O'Reilly Media

So for our next general meeting we will be doing something a bit different. Our regular meeting room is already book with another event, so we will be meeting in the kitchen next door. The plan is for those who are interested to come early (6:30-7:00) and order some pizza, so if you want to join in, bring some pizza money.

We won’t have a formal speaker this time, however we will have a projector so I might do a more informal demonstration of some of the Linux multimedia applications I’ve been using lately, either that or depending on the level of interest I might give a short talk on what’s new in Knoppix land.

So bring your appetite and some pizza money and join us in the O’Reilly kitchen. Knowing how our group is, it promises to be a good time.

Published Tue 09 August 2005 by Eric Eisenhart