Automotive: the next hot mobile platform

2011/09/13 7:30 pm
2011/09/13 9:00 pm

Desktop, laptop, phone, tablet . . . car!  Which OS should we run on
car "in-vehicle infotainment" systems: Windows, Android, WebOS, MeeGo
or a traditional embedded choice like Angstrom?  What are the
associated opportunities for app developers and systems programmers?
Two Chinese companies, Geely and HawTai, sell cars with MeeGo
pre-installs.  The automotive business model diverges significantly
from that of consumer electronics products, giving MeeGo some
advantages over Android.  Who are the players in the automotive Linux
space and what are their plans?  What reference hardware is suitable
for testing automotive apps?  I'll describe what's new in IVI and show
a simple demo running on the Atom-based ExoPC.

Alison Chaiken is a recovering physicist who has been rendering
expensive hardware inoperable in Silicon Valley since 1992, most
recently at Nokia.  She has recently joined Open Mobile World Wide to
work on Android virtualization on Linux.  Alison is on the OSCON 2012
Program Committee and solicits suggests for Linuxy presentations and

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Alison Chaiken